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Raquel Welsh Sunglasses - Nude

Raquel Welsh Sunglasses - Nude

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Moana Road Sunglasses

Elevate your style with the Moana Road Raquel Welsh Sunnies. These sunglasses exude timeless elegance and sophistication, just like the iconic Raquel Welsh herself. Featuring polarized lenses and an understated nude frame, these sunnies are perfect for any occasion, from sunny beach days to chic evenings at the bar.

Designed in New Zealand, these sunglasses are not just fashion-forward but also practical. The polarized UV 400 lenses offer superior eye protection. Make a statement with Moana Road Raquel Welsh Sunnies in Nude – Keep it light with these oversized nude frames. 

  • Brown polarized lenses
  • Natural frames
  • Natural Arms


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